Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown Leaves Early Access Phase on August 20

Crytek’s online multiplayer first-person shooter finally leaves Early Access phase later this Summer. Wait for Hunt: Showdown to be available as a fully finished game on August 20.

Originally released in February 2018, Hunt: Showdown started its existence as an early access title in Steam, delivering a first-person shooter experience in a combined PvE and PvP gameplay style. In Hunt: Showdown, players are tasked to kill horrifying creatures in a given time and then stand against each other to leave the map as winner.

While Crytek didn’t do well during the past years, especially after Crysis 3, Hunt: Showdown is being praised mostly by the players on Steam and it might be a good revival for Crytek studio to make a comeback into the gaming industry and show-off the power of Cry Engine with remarkable contents once again.

Currently, the game is available on Steam Early Access and Xbox Preview, but on August 20 it will be released as a full game for both PC and Xbox One. The PS4 version is likely to come this Fall. Aside from getting sold digitally, Hunt: Showdown will be available physically in stores due to a deal with Koch Media. Here is a gameplay trailer of the game that worth to watch if you aren’t familiar with it.

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