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Huge Sega News Teased For The Week

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Sega is reportedly preparing a huge announcement for this week, which will debut in the Japanese magazine Famitsu, according to one of its writers. Despite the cancellation of E3 this year, fans are still looking forward to exciting announcements from developers like Sega.

Reports say that Japanese technology journalist Zenji Nishikawa teased a “huge scoop” coming to Famitsu. Moreover, he compared it to the scale of the PlayStation 5 announcement last year, and later confirmed Sega’s involvement in this event. The announcement is rumored to appear on June 4, a day after the 60th anniversary of Sega.

However, many industry-watchers have since disputed these rumors and its details. Analyst Daniel Ahmad cited a Chinese source who shot down rumors that the announcement involves Sega’s collaboration with Microsoft to launch Xbox Series X in Japan.

“A key opinion leader in China says they have seen the latest Famitsu issue and that they can confidently say that the news is not what has been rumored. (The rumor being that Microsoft would work with Sega to rebrand and launch Series X in Japan).
Is something else.”

Consultant Serkan Toto disputed that journalist Nishikawa is not known to be “a clown, troll, or show-off”. He adds, “I am not his lawyer and not claiming the scoop will really be earth-shattering, but it will be interesting.” He also notes that the journalist never claimed that Microsoft was involved in the announcement.

Regardless, this was originally set for June 4, on the same day as the PS5 reveal event, which will include the first gameplay for the new console. However, due to the postponing of the PlayStation event, it is difficult to say whether Sega will follow Sony’s decision to push the event back.

Source: GameSpot

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