How a Next-Gen Update Can Improve Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption (RDR) easily makes it to the top of any gamer’s favorites list. It has a
fantastic story, a beautiful world to explore, great gameplay, and well-designed characters.
However, many fans want it upgraded to utilize next-gen technology; here is everything you
need to know about a potential RDR2 next-generation (next-gen) update.

What Is a Next-Gen Update?

In simple terms, a next-gen update means upgrading a game to take advantage of newer
technology and capabilities. For example, the PS5 offers faster performance, better
graphics, smoother gameplay, etc. than its predecessors.

Whether it be one of the table games online or a AAA title, updating the game to use the
newest tech improves the overall experience of the game and modernizes it to fit in with
current expectations.


Besides a next-gen upgrade, developers can also remake or remaster their titles. A remake
is exactly what it sounds like a ground-up redevelopment of the game that takes advantage

of newer tech and specs. Instead of upgrading aspects, developers upgrade the entire
game, possibly adding new gameplay, weapons, levels, etc.

A remaster upgrades how a game looks and feels to match modern standards. Newer
games get next-gen patches and upgrades, while older games get remakes or remasters. In
essence, it is simply to make the game look new again.

Next-Gen for RDR2

A next-gen update is something RDR fans have been begging for since the release of the
new consoles. The game has been out for over five years, and a revamp of the graphics,
gameplay, and overall feel of the game is a necessity in the eyes of many.


While RDR2 is graphically stunning, it is certainly not taking full advantage of the next
generation of consoles. A recent update that added a 60fps option was received brilliantly by
PS5 fans, while Xbox fans were left disappointed as it didn’t reach them.

Xbox Game Pass

However, a graphical upgrade provided by new consoles and tech will give everything from
the landscape to how the hands of poker or blackjack will look. When playing casino games
online on these devices, upgrading these mini-games can make them feel more “real” and
more like a real-life experience at a casino.


Gameplay can be drastically improved using the faster and more reliable technology
provided by next-gen consoles. Considering RDR2 has several aspects that require aim and
timing, better gameplay means a more realistic experience.
Load Times

A small but noticeable improvement is the load times of the game. Considering RDR2
features a massive map and world, events, and everything in between, loading it all can take
some time.

However, next-gen consoles are incredibly good at shortening these times, limiting the wait
between play, and keeping the user engaged.

Why RDR2 Needs a Next-Gen Update

Besides improvements to the game, several other aspects can be improved by giving RDR2
a next-gen update.

Keep Fans Engaged

One of the biggest problems facing RDR2 is a shrinking player base. While this isn’t a
surprise, as most of the players have finished the game already, fewer people are buying the
game, and this is primarily because they own newer consoles; there are tons of great PS5
games, so why would you buy an outdated PS4 game?

However, an update would not only keep older players interested but also draw in new ones.
There is a strange psychology behind which console a game is labeled as being for old vs
new players. Players are less interested in old-gen titles, and more will want to buy a PS5
version of the game compared to the PS4 version.

Keeping up with AAA titles

When you aren’t releasing a new game for next-gen consoles, the best way to stay on the
same playing field as new AAA games is to update your existing one and get it to that level.
This is often why developers create remasters and remakes of older titles.

Red Dead Redemption 3

There has been little to no talk of Red Dead Redemption 3, let alone confirmation that it is
happening. While it is relatively old to some players, it is by no means an old game in the

bigger scheme of things. It is also a game that would take years to create; RDR2 came out
eight years after RDR.

This means that players still have a long time to wait for the next title in the series if it is even
happening. A next-gen update is a no-brainer, as the game can quickly look and perform
below par in as little as a year.

This leads to many believing a modern update is necessary to keep the franchise alive, as
similar games, some even better than RDR2, have already been released or are close to

A remaster or next-gen update of RDR2 would not only bring in new fans but also ensure
that the title isn’t left in the dust in the years building up to a sequel.

Would an Update Help?

A next-gen update would do wonders for RDR2, improving the game's feel and making
those fun games of poker feel even more real. It is undoubtedly something fans of the series
would not want to miss out on.

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