Horizon: Zero Dawn Sells Over 20 Million Copies

Horizon: Zero Dawn Sells Over 20 Million Copies

Head of PlayStation studios Herman Hulst has revealed that over 20 million copies of Horizon: Zero Dawn have now been sold across both the PlayStation 4 and PC since the game was first released in 2017. Along with this statistic, it was revealed that players have spent over 1 billion hours collectively taking on the role of Aloy as she fights robot dinosaurs and explores a post-apocalyptic open-world.

These impressive numbers come a week before Aloy’s anticipated next adventure, Horizon: Forbidden West is set to release. This time around players will travel to the forbidden west searching for an answer as to why the world is dying, facing new foes including aquatic robots in the newly implemented underwater segments.

This news was also accompanied by a new cinematic trailer for the sequel, which will hopefully be enough to tide players over till the game releases on February 18.

One of the cool elements, hinted at prior in promotional art, is that this time around Aloy appears to be able to override the flying Sunwings machines and use them to fly through the skies herself. Given the size of the first map, and assuming we will get something comparable in size here, this ability will definitely come in handy.

Of course, nothing showcased in the new trailer is actual gameplay but multiple elements such as her squaring off against the amphibious Snapmaw have been showcased through gameplay trailers to some degree in the past. With the trailer being so close to launch, it is unlikely they would be putting elements that are not in the finished project.

The wait is almost over and players can find out what is in store for Aloy next when Horizon: Forbidden West releases on February 18, 2022, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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