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Horizon VR Announced By Firesprite
Horizon VR Announced By Firesprite

Horizon VR Announced By Firesprite

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In September 2021, Sony announced that they were acquiring Firesprite Games who was perhaps best known as the time for their work on The Playroom, which was bundled with the PlayStation camera and gave us the Bot characters that have become a popular mascot for the Platform. Shortly after they were acquired they announced that they were hard at work on several titles, including one that would tie into a popular Sony franchise, at that the game would be in VR.

Only a few short days into 2022, Firesprite has given us our first look at that tie-in, which is based in the Horizon universe. Entitled Horizon VR: Call of The Mountain, it will see the players getting a lot closer to the robot dinosaurs that populate that would than ever before.

The trailer only shows a very, VERY brief look at gameplay with most of it serving as a reminder that the sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn, entitled Horizon: Forbidden West is only a few weeks away as it is currently slated to release on February 18, 2022.  At the end we see a sequence of the player floating along a river in a boat with a companion when a Tall Neck passes overhead. While it looks awesome even as is, it will undoubtedly look better in VR.

Fans also got more news to be excited about during a Sony event ahead of  CES 2022, which officially runs between January 5th and January 8th. During this event, we received our first look at the PSVR 2 which was announced alongside the PlayStation 5, though has remained quiet since then.

This definitely looks like a great first showing for the PSVR 2 and hopefully there will be even more to see in the future, with industry insiders suggesting the PSVR 2 will aim for a Holiday 2022 release, though no release date or window was offered during the actual event.

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