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Horizon Lead Aloy Heading to Genshin Impact

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Aloy, the lead character from PlayStation’s Horizon: Zero Dawn and its upcoming sequel Horizon: Forbidden West, will be coming to free-to-play open-world game Genshin Impact. This is thanks to a tweet released by PlayStation earlier today, announcing the collab between Horizon developer Guerilla and Genshin Impact team MiHoYo.

While the tweet did not give away too much, a blog post went into more detail about what players can expect. Aloy will be available as part of the roster “for a limited time”, however, she will be a free five-star character that all Players can claim.

If you have a PlayStation 4 or a PlayStation 5 you will be able to claim the character through the in-game mail system after the 2.1 update. Players on other systems (IOS, Android, and Windows) will also have access to the character but will have to wait until after the 2.2 update to get her.

This marks the first major crossover event that the game has held between another studio, especially one as big as Guerilla or Sony. The company’s closest to this point was the inclusion of Genshin characters in another MiHoYo property, Honkai Impact 3rd.

Genshin Impact has been doing extremely well for itself since it first launched last year. While the company has not announced other crossover events between other companies, if this goes well it would not be a surprise to see other established characters start popping up in the game in the future.

Unfortunately, since Genshin Impact is not yet on Xbox we will not see Aloy making her way over there through this crossover. However, she has made her way onto Xbox in the past through collaboration with Fortnite. While there is no official release date for update 2.1, it is estimated to drop in early September.

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