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Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay
Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay

Horizon: Forbidden West Gameplay Reveal

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Sony and Guerilla Games have finally given us an in depth look at their upcoming Horizon: Forbidden West. The gameplay reveal, which lasted twenty minutes, gave us a decent look at what we can expect from the Sequel.

This time we see Aloy traveling to a frontier known as the Forbidden West, as the title of the game might imply. The gameplay we were show today is set in San Francisco. Her reason for doing so is to track down the the cause of a deadly plague. Joining her on this quest is Erend, a returning character from the original game.

Exploration looked to receive the biggest changes. Throughout the trailer Aloy used a grappling hook to traverse her surroundings. This hook also came back in a big way during combat, making fighting, diversifying how you approach each conflict. However, be careful, destructible environments allow bigger beasts to destroy these pathways. Another new tool is an Umbrella like glider she is able to implement when jumping off high places.

As the announcement trailer implied, gameplay will take the plunge underwater. With a diving mask that helps her breath she is able to explore below the surface, plotting out courses and dodging enemies. As you might have come to expect, a new biome means new enemies to impede you.

Of course you can’t talk about Horizon without talking about the Robot Dinosaurs. While Aloy ducked and dodged through tall grass she was stalked by Velociraptor types. After that we witness her swimming through sunken ruins to avoid a Deinosuchus type swimming nearby. Finally the gameplay Climax’s as she is forced to do battle with a Mammoth, rode by several humans on its back.

Combat returns as an expanded, yet familiar, mechanic. The spear now has a range of combos that can also include powerful abilities. The bow returns as her primary weapon but the newer free flow of combat helps make it more versatile. In addition we also see a slingshot which can lob an adhesive grenade to slow down enemies.

Unfortunately the one thing the State of Play did not give us was a release window for the game. Hopefully the wait isn’t too much longer.

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