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Homefront: The Revolution Story Trailer

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Homefront: The Revolution Story Trailer

A rebellion is a movement, but at its heart are individuals. The latest trailer for Homefront: The Revolution introduces us to some of the characters with whom we’ll be interacting with a little bit of action.

The KPA and American sympathizers are on the hunt for Benjamin Walker, who is known as “The Voice of Freedom.” He’s missing and, depending on which bit of dialog you listen to, he’s either slipped out of Philadelphia or been apprehended.

With the previous trailers showing the enemies as Korean soldiers it is interesting to see that this trailer shows collaborators in power, working alongside the KPA to hunt down Benjamin Walker.

The KPA aren’t the only enemy the Resistance faces as collaborators and the local mayor are out to quash the uprising that brews in the streets. Homefront: The Revolution as an open world single player campaign, and is stated to be approximately 30 hours long.

Homefront: The Revolution is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 17 in North America, and May 20 in all other territories.

Check out the Trailer:

“Players take on the role of raw recruit Ethan Brady, who is plunged into a desperate struggle for freedom as the Philadelphia Resistance try to save Benjamin Walker, the “Voice of Freedom” and one man who can inspire the people to rise up.”

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