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Hitman – Welcome to Marrakesh

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Hitman – Welcome to Marrakesh

Hitman‘s third episode arrives tomorrow, taking you to Marrakesh, Moracco.

Marrakesh has a new story mission called “A Gilded Cage”, with 8 different opportunities included within it. There are 70 new challenges for the area, along with 7 added trophies and achievements for the occasion.

There are new gameplay updates and tweaks that’ll be added in along with the launch of Episode Three. Headshot damage for pistols has been rebalanced, now making pistols deadlier at long ranges. Instinct Mode shows NPC names, and Contracts Mode shows the kill conditions more directly.

PS4 users get a new “The Sarajevo Six” contract, with The Extractor as the third target to take out.

Hitman, it’s available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Check out the Trailer:

“To give you a sense of the location, we’ve created a 4K 360 degree video showcasing some of the areas of Marrakesh that you’ll be able to explore. Wake up on a rooftop terrace, explore the marketplaces overflowing with tourists or immerse yourself in a brewing riot. For the best experience, click and drag to look around, or simply move your mobile device.”

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