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Hitman III Trailer Reveals New Map Chongqing
Hitman III Trailer Reveals New Map Chongqing

Hitman III Trailer Reveals New Map Chongqing

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A trailer for the upcoming Hitman game, Hitman III, released today revealing its first map, Chongqing. The trailer highlights some of the new aspects and features coming with the newest installment and IO Interactive taking advantage of the next-generation hardware.

Set during a cold, rainy night, the trailer shows Agent 47 walking through the streets of the metropolitan city of Chongqing. Looking for his target, the camera follows 47 as he walks through puddles that ripple from where his foot lands, as rain runs down his face and off his coat, and as he wades through the iconic large crowd, now bigger than ever. IO Interactive is now able to fit over 300 active NPCs on screen at once, making tensions even higher that things go off without a hitch.

In the trailer, the developers talk about the updated Glacier Engine, IO Interactive’s in-house proprietary game engine. With the ability to tweak and adjust with an engine the team is intensely familiar with, IO Interactive shows how everything in the Hitman world is individually placed to make sure the world feels lived in. 

The trailer shows 47 scaling apartment buildings, skulking through allies, and shimmying across narrow ledges. This is not new to veteran Hitman players, but the change here is most buildings in the trailer look as though they are scalable, adding not only verticality but also variety to players options for how they want to complete the contract. 

The new game will bring graphical updates to lighting, reflections, animation, and UI, as well as 4K resolution, 60 frames per second, with HDR support on next-gen consoles. Hitman III also comes with the ability to import previous locations from the rebooted series.

Hitman III will be available January 20, 2021 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4,, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Stadia and PC (via Epic Games Store).

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