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Agent 47 in Hitman 2
Agent 47 in Hitman 2

Hitman Developer Is Working on a New Project

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IO Interactive, the team behind Hitman 2, is collaborating with Warner Bros. Interactive once again for a new project which could be third Hitman entry in the reboot series.

Announced via Hakan Abrak, CEO at IO Interactive, the team is now working on a new game and the studio hires for some new positions at both Denmark and Sweden studios. The team hasn’t provided any detail on what they are working on, but regarding the two-years gap between Hitman 2016 and its sequel, the new project could be Hitman 3 if it’s planned to get released next year. Moreover, the way Hitman 2 ended story wise, makes it more possible to have a direct sequel in the works.

IO Interactive used to develop and publish Hitman titles under wings of Square Enix, but since its departure from the Japanese publisher, it has turned into an indie developer working with Warner Bros. Interactive as publisher. After Hitman 2, its going to be the second partnership between the two companies.

Personally, I’m happy to hear IO Interactive still continues its way through the industry despite any big deals that could happen for an indie developer. Earlier this year, there were some rumors on IO Interactive joining Xbox Game Studios, but with the newly announced partnership between IO and WB, it seems that be happening anytime soon.

Earlier in 2019, in a documentary video from IO Interactive, the team has revealed that they might come back to episodic launch after the full launch of Hitman 2. While it doesn’t seem to be the way player base of the series wants it to get launched, this allows developers to have more time for polishing the game and delivering it with less issues.

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Source: COGConnected

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