Hitman: Episode 4 Bangkok Launch Trailer

Hitman: Episode 4 Bangkok Launch Trailer

The fourth episode in the latest Hitman title is out today and now available to download for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

In this piece of content, players assume the role of the infamous Agent 47 once more to take out two high profile targets within a high-end hotel and resort, located just outside of Bangkok. The launch trailer shows a little bit deeper into the background of the previously mentioned targets as well as the overall mission assigned to players in the episode.

Hitman: Episode 4 is free for those who purchased the Full Experience Pack. Those who have the Intro Pack can buy the individual episode for $10 or the full Upgrade Pack for $50 (with all the content).

Check out the Trailer:


“Agent 47 will be gearing up for his next challenge in Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok when he travels to the exotic city to assassinate David Cross, a popular rock band singer. Cross has his secrets though and you’ll be taking down his associate as well for their involvement in the murder of a young actress.

The Club 27 mission takes place in a hotel which ranges in sights like gardens and pavilions to lush suites. Along with new disguises, weapons and items, players will have more than 75 different challenges to partake in.”

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