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Hitman 3
Hitman 3

Hitman 3: Seven Deadly Sins Roadmap Revealed

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IO Interactive revealed today Hitman 3 Seven Deadly Sins’ roadmap for May 10 through June 13.

The Seven Deadly Sins in HITMAN 3 started at the end of March with Act 1: Greed. HITMAN 3 players are invited deeper into Agent 47’s mind to explore The Pride Profusion Escalation and take ownership of new items and a shiny suit! The Pride Announcement Trailer gives you a sneak peek of what to expect on May 10th!

Check the announcement trailer down below:

The new seasonal update adds free content, a Dubai-based Escalation contract; The Sebastian Principle. The contract is designed as “a tutorial” for new players and so “isn’t aimed at experienced players”.

Seven Deadly Sins Act 2: Pride brings back Sebastian Sato, a character who has not been featured in the game since his appearance as a high-level clothes designer in the Paris mission.

Hitman 3 Seven Deadly Sins Act 2: Pride is now available for $4.99, the DLC adds new gear and items including The Proud Swashbuckler sword, The Majestic gun, and the Narcissus Suit, and more. The update is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch.

Additionally, Hitman 3 players on Nintendo Switch will also get access to run the cloud-based game at 60 frames per second with the new performance mode.

Hitman 3 is the dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy, taking players around the world on a globetrotting adventure to sprawling sandbox locations, with Agent 47 returning for the most important contracts of his career. Supported by his Agency handler, Diana Burnwood, Agent 47 joins forces with his long-lost friend Lucas Grey. Their ultimate mission is to eliminate the partners of Providence, but they are forced to adapt as their hunt intensifies. When the dust settles, 47 and the world he inhabits will never be the same again.

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