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Hitman 3
Hitman 3

Hitman 3 Is in the Works; IO Interactive Confirmed

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IO Interactive, the one and only team behind Hitman series, had become an independent developer before they started working on Hitman 2. Despite having a low budget and lots of difficulties, the sequel for 2016’s episodic Hitman received positive reviews and showed-off all its meaningful improvements compared to the first reboot of the series. Now, IO Interactive has officially confirmed that the reboot is going to be a trilogy since Hitman 3 is under development.

According to a documentary video for IO Interactive that was made in collaboration with Noclip, the development team officially confirmed that Hitman 3 is their next project and IO is interested in returning the episodic launch once again to the third installment.

Currently, it’s all we know about Hitman 3, but as the name implies, it’s a direct sequel for last year’s Hitman 2 and will presumably follow the unfinished story. Also, if the game is targeted to launch next year, it might be a cross-gen title, which could bring more income for the studio as they really need it to expand their team.

In other news from Hitman series, IO Interactive also announced a DLC for Hitman 2 called Siberia.

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