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Hitman 2
Hitman 2

Hitman 2 Elusive Target #3 ‘The Appraiser’ Now Available

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Hitman 2 Elusive Target #3 ‘The Appraiser’ Now Available

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive today released the third Elusive Target mission in Hitman 2, entitled The Appraiser, featuring Miranda Jamison, a famous art appraiser and key player in extensive price fixing that take place in the art world.

She will be on the Isle of Sgàil for 10 days starting at 2 pm CET on Friday the 25th of January.

Miranda Jamison has been polluting the art world for far too long, take a good look at her in the video below:

Miranda Jamison, director of the Gorka Institute in Barcelona, which is the premiere art authentication facility in the world. Jamison handles the pricing of many of the art industry’s most prestigious pieces of art and she is one of the key drivers of the extensive art price fixing that takes place in the world.

Mrs Jamison is integral to the whole industry of driving up art prices, selecting just a handful of new talent each year to be the recipients of her blessings. This approach to fine art has driven countless normal galleries out of business over the years and resulted in the suicide of several distraught artists ruined by her fickle whims.

Mrs Jamison has stolen a painting from Randall Pryce, a former client of hers who had offered to sell it to her for $100 million – a price so ridiculous not even Jamison wanted to pay it. Jamison plans to “gift” the painting to The Ark Society in the name of famed adventurer Blake Nathaniel in the hopes that he will introduce her to his ultra-wealthy contacts.

Elusive Target Rewards:
Completing Elusive Targets will grant players with some rewards in the shape of  iconic suits from previous Hitman titles and new suits specific to Elusive Target rewards can be unlocked, depending on how you complete the contracts. Any suit that is unlocked can be used in the planning phase for any mission, giving you more options to use different suits throughout Hitman 2.

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