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Sam and Bridget from Death Stranding
Sam and Bridget from Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima Wants Death Stranding to Be More than Just a Video Game

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Every piece of art in this world is created by someone who wants to send a message to the world and Hideo Kojima is no exception among the artist. Not every video game is a piece of art but when they have a hidden feeling within that makes you to feel it, then you can call a game a piece of art. Death Stranding is a video game at the first place but its director wants it to be an effective entertainment in order to make you think about the way you live in this world.

Speaking to 4Players, Hideo Kojima described the theme behind Death Stranding’s story and explained how the game has been set in a new genre that no one has invented it before. Social Strand System or simply Strand Game is what Kojima likes to call the genre of Death Stranding. It’s a game about connection in a world that isolation has taken over the whole country. United States of America has been changed to United Cities of America, and an organization called Bridges is attempting to connect the whole world together once again. In between, there a bunch of separatist groups that will never allow you to complete your missions without any challenges. Kojima said:

In the real world, everyone is isolated or separated from someone. Isolation is sometimes referred to as a trend at the moment. Online too. Everyone is connected to the world, but all you do is beat others with sticks or act rabidly. Therefore, a topic in Death Stranding is to connect, but not at the same time connect to. I want people to think about the world once they’ve played the game, not just about the gaming experience itself. What it means to connect or isolate. Of course, it remains a game. And I want you to enjoy the game. But after the game, I want people to look around, open their eyes and say, “Oh, that could mean maybe this or that.” I hope it shows after effects have been added to the game.

I believe that this is my destiny. If I had to create something that already exists, I think that it should not come from me. I’m not saying “no” to the other games out there. But when it comes to me, I want to create something new. That’s why I wanted to create this genre.

Death Stranding was presented at Gamescom 2019 with three new trailers including a new gameplay footage. November 8th is the date that Kojima’s latest title will come exclusively to PlayStation 4.

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