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Here’s your first look at Borderlands 3

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Here’s your first look at Borderlands 3

Randy Pitchford from Gearbox Software’s unveiled some footage of the Unreal Engine that Epic Games is using to develop the upcoming Borderlands game. Although he later said that what he has unveiled might not end up showing in a future video game, he simple called it a technology demonstration of some ongoing research and development at Gearbox Software. “Some or all of the technologies that I demonstrated may be utilized by future Gearbox Software video games.” Pitchford said.

Randy Pitchford confirmed that a new Borderlands game is development, though it won’t necessarily be called Borderlands 3.

Check out some images:

“He also talked about new tools that provide Gearbox artists with more flexibility. In particular, one “allows the scene to simulate in real time as time of day changes or conceivably we have different physics, if we, for example, were to explore different planets. There might be different physics, and the sun and the moons might be in different positions than we’re used to on Pandora.”

Pitchford never says this work is part of Borderlands 3, but given it’s an evolution of techniques used for past games in the series, it’s the natural assumption.

In two different scenes, a Borderlands-looking character is shown off. The first time, her back is to the viewer, while the second sees her conveniently positioned with her shoulder pad blocking her face. Pitchford said, “Don’t worry about the character,” but acknowledged that it was no coincidence that her face was obscured. That would seemingly suggest it’s a returning character from a previous game.

At the end, Pitchford showed a scene that “gives you a sense of what a future game from Gearbox might look like.” He also reiterated that what was being shown wasn’t specifically part of a game.”

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