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Hellpoint Delayed Due to Coronavirus

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Matt Bourdreau, co-founder of Cradle Games announced today that due to the outgoing pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), their action RPG Hellpoint has been pushed back an entire quarter for all platforms.

Broudreau, who is the game’s Creative Director, states that Cradle Games will take advantage of the delay to further polish the final version of the game, the feedback received from the game’s early beta will be used for making Hellpoint “an ever better gaming experience

In light of the unprecedented events facing the world, we have been forced to postpone the launch of the game. We plan to use the additional development time not just for polishing, but also to address the feedback we’ve gathered and make Hellpoint an even better gaming experience for everybody! The feedback of the community had such enthusiasm and energy.

Hellpoint is a dark sci-fi fantasy universe, with an intoxicating atmosphere, unsettling soundscape and ever more bizarre cast of characters and creatures. The game takes place on Irid Novo, a derelict space colony orbiting in real time around an ominous black hole. All inhabitants appear to have suffered from a terrible affliction called the Merge. You play as a Spawn, a soulless, mechanically printed slave forced to take part into a strange scientific experiment that hides many dark secrets.

Below is the game’s key features:

The game offers a quick and responsive “souls-like” combat system that includes dashing, jumping, melee and range weapons. Upgrades can be transferred from one weapon to another, using special chips called “conductor”. The more the player inflicts damages using a particular weapon, the more this weapon will unlock special abilities unique to its kind, like piercing attacks, backstabbing, weapon throws, and sometimes even stranger powers.

Depending on the time, a variety of dynamic events can take place based on the influence of the black hole. Mini-bosses can appear and patrol an area, hordes of the enemies can invade the station en masse, and secret doors suddenly become accessible.

The first feature that the Cradle team has developed is split screen multiplayer support. Just like the old days, a second player only needs to press start to join. Loot is shared, progress is saved and the entirety of the game can be enjoyed in coop without interruption.

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