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Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain Demo Removed From EGS Due to Some Technical Issues [Updated]

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Quantic Dream’s first-ever title that’s coming to PC long time after Farenheit is going to be Heavy Rain and as the developer had promised, the demo for the game was supposed to be available as of today but it seems some unpredictable problems haven’t allowed the players to launch the demo leading Quantic Dream to pull Heavy Rain from Epic Games Store until solving the issues and making it available again.

Although Quantic Dream has not confirmed yet, but some users claim that Denuvo anti-tamper has caused the aforementioned problem due to which the players are not able to run the game on their PC. While Denuvo has caused some notable problems in other games, especially in case of frame rate, developers still prefer to use it against crackers and secure their products from getting cracked as long as possible.

Quantic Dream has identified the problem recently and if it was the anti-temper, it remains unknown whether the developer decides to remove it from the game or make some improvements and launch Heavy Rain again.

While demo version of the game is still suspended by Quantic Dream, the full version will come out on June 24 and will be approachable exclusively on Epic Games Store.

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Update: Quantic Dream confirmed a few minutes ago that the problem has been solved and the demo is available once again on Epic Games Store for players.

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