Death Stranding

Heartman Dies Every 21 Minutes in Death Stranding

The last trailer we received on Death Stranding was prior to E3 2019, which introduced some of the main characters of the game for the first time. Heartman was also part that introduction, a friend of Sam played by Nicolas Winding Refn, the director behind Drive and Neon Demon. Recently at San Diego Comic Con 2019, there was a panel around Death Stranding with Winding Refn and Hideo Kojima both talking about their collaboration on developing the game and giving away some new details on Heartman.

According to the discussion between Refn and Kojima, Heartman has got an electronic device on his chest that lets him to die every 21 minutes. Why? We don’t know same as you. Kojima says every time that Heartman dies, he enters to the other world for just 3 minutes in order to search for his family, who he lost due to the Death Stranding. Probably one of the scenes in the latest trailer where someone pulls Heartman from behind on the ground, refers to his presence at the other world. Moreover, he is a fan of movies and music that only last 20 minutes and no more.

The new details on Heartman seems really interesting and brings up so many unanswered questions. However, he’s just one of the many characters that we know nothing about. Deadman, Die-Hardman, Mama, Fragile, Higgs, Cliff, Amelie and Sam are other characters that we need to know more about them to have an acceptable vision on Death Stranding and its story.

Death Stranding will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 on November 8.

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