Hearthstone Rise of Shadows

Hearthstone Gets a New Expansion in April

Rise of Shadows is the first expansion in Hearthstone’s Year of the Dragon, according to the official announcement of Blizzard. The expansion will be released on April 9, with the pre-release on April 5.

Rise of Shadows will add new mechanics along with Token Card Lackeys. Twinspell is the new mechanic that utilizing it will add another copy of the same card to your hand. Also, it’s being said that some of the old mechanics will be back again to the gameplay. The expansion also features Schemes, which refers to the cards that get extra power during every turn that remain in your hand. Here you can see 8 new cards that are going to be added to Hearthstone:

Rise of Shadows Cards

In Rise of Shadows, you will be able to aid villains too. Every class that you choose in the game, will offer you cards from either Defenders of Dalaran or League of E.V.I.L., so you are not always with the good guys this time. Here you can know more about villains and their classes in Rise of Shadows:

  • Priest – Madame Lazul
  • Rogue – Togwaggle
  • Shaman – Hagatha
  • Warlock – Rafaam
  • Warrior – Dr. Boom

Hearthstone’s new expansion pass is available for pre-order in two different bundles. Rise of Shadows Bundle will cost you 49.99$, containing 50 card packs along with The Jewel of Lazul card and a random legendary from the expansion. On the other hand, Rise of Shadows Mega Bundle will charge you 79.99$ with all the staff above plus 30 more card packs and Madame Lazul card. In addition to these bundles, during the expansion’s first week of release, 10 card packs will be available for 10$, including an Arena Ticket. You can check out the announcement trailer for Rise of Shadows down below:

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