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Harmonix Announces Super Beat Sports for Switch

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Harmonix Announces Super Beat Sports for Switch

Harmonix has announced Super Beat Sports, a collection of five sports-themed mini-games in which everything is a musical, for Switch. It will launch this fall.

Here’s an overview of the game, via Harmonix:

What is Super Beat Sports?

The game is a collection of five sports-themed mini games with a twist – everything is musical. That means that you’ll need to swing, volley, and score to the music in order to come out on top.

Mutliplayer Everywhere

Team up or face-off! Play Super Beat Sports with up to 3 friends! Whether it is handheld or docked, the competition will be out of this world.

Key Features

  • Five sports-themed mini-games to test your rhythmic reflexes.
  • Play solo or with up to three friends!
  • Intuitive controls allow for horizontal or vertical Joy-Cons, or the Pro Controller.
  • Unlock new difficulty levels and compete for high scores.
  • Customize your slugger’s outfit and bat – go traditional or try something ‘special’.

Check out the Trailer:

Gameplay Trailer:

Super Beat Sports features Joycon support to ” swing, volley and hit balls to the beat” in a new Switch mini-game. Other additions include “full multiplayer support for each mini-game,” a new user interface, as well as “bonus songs, levels, bats and costumes” coming to Switch.

It also includes HD Rumble support and 60 fps in both TV and handheld modes.

The game is coming to eShop in the third quarter of 2017, but no firm release date has yet been given.

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