Halo Infinite Multiplayer
Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Halo Infinite Outlines Multiplayer And Season Passes

343 Industries is changing up the way you receive things like cosmetics in the upcoming Halo Infinite. For the first time in the series history, the Multiplayer component of the game will be free-to-play. As such, the company will be adding several staples of other games similar.

During a video today, Halo Infinite had its multiplayer outlined in more detail. This followed the announcement made during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase:

For starters, this means that this time around multiplayer will have way more cosmetic items than it has in the past. This is by design to keep gamers playing in the multiplayer, grinding away to earn that next cool piece of armor. On top of this, players will enjoy more freedom in customization as more parts will be able to be mixed and matched than ever before in the series. You will also be able to add effects such as armor effects, emblems, and weapons skins.

Another customization point for the player will be the ability to change around their AI companion.  You can choose between several companions that will offer you guidance through each multiplayer map. These AI’s can range from dry to sarcastic, as well as informative.

All this customization will also offer more options to monetize the game. Like many free-to-play games Halo will now feature a battle pass for cosmetics. It will also feature a storefront so that players can purchase new looks. 343 was very clear to make sure players knew that no loot boxes would be featured in the game, and it will always be clear how to unlock an item. The video does not make clear how much these things will cost.

In a massive change to usual battle passes, Halo Infinite will not limit earning battle pass content during a single season. Once you unlock a pass you can keep earning by completing challenges, even after the next season begins. Battle passes you might have missed will also become available again during special events. All items earned through the battle pass will be cosmetic only, they will not affect the gameplay at all.

Halo Infinite is set to come to Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass later on this year.

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