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halo infinite master chief
halo infinite master chief

Halo Infinite – New Halo Game is Coming but What Genre is it?

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Halo Infinite news remains sparse as fans await its July reveal, but another Halo is in the works according to a 343 Industries job listing. This newer project could be a direct sequel to Infinite or a spinoff similar to ODST. It may turn out to be another RTS like Halo Wars or a never before seen Halo third-person shooter. It could even be a battle royale. It’s too early to tell, especially when little is known about Halo Infinite itself.

The Next Next Halo

The job listing mentions 343 Industries is looking to hire a senior producer for a “core services team to develop a new project in the Halo universe.” The word “new” means it’s probably unrelated to Infinite, the Halo franchise’s sixth installment. Using “universe” instead of “franchise” implies a setting within the Halo universe but separate from Chief’s story. There are thousands of tales to pick from the Halo books, and new ones can also be created. Maybe fans will finally get a covenant-centered game with an elite protagonist!

It’s important to note Halo Infinite features smart delivery, meaning owners of one copy will have access on both Xbox One and Series X. This cross-generational compatibility limits Infinite with restraints from older hardware. The “new” project will assuredly be a Series X exclusive, capable of harnessing the console’s full power. It’s uncertain how they’ll implement the new tech, but it’s exciting imagining the possibilities. Having access to SSD’s means larger maps can be designed without worrying about performance cost on the Xbox One version.

Halo Royale

It’s probable the Halo after Infinite could be a battle royale. The competitive genre has become extremely popular, and 343 Industries may want their slice of the pie. Diehard Halo fans would be livid if Halo Infinite’s development time was split between standard multiplayer and battle royale modes. 343 may launch Infinite as a main installment with plans to release a stand-alone battle royale afterwards. If so, there is a host of characters devs can pull from the lore for unique classes.

A Halo battle royale might do well, even with the competition. The market is saturated with popular titles such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG, but Halo royale would have one major advantage: next gen exclusivity. While games like Apex Legends receive consistent updates, they were created for an older generation of hardware. With Halo’s legendary fame, a battle royal featuring unique classes would do well. Spartans, marines, Covenant— they’d make for interesting characters.

Halo Tactical

It’s possible 343 could be expanding their horizons by creating their first third person shooter. While fans of the series would revolt if a main entry was built for third person, an offshoot could land favorably. Take games such as Gears of War or The Division 2, build upon their mechanics, throw it into the Halo Universe, and it may be a winner. Who doesn’t want to take command of a spartan III squad as they embark on covert ops and infiltrate Covenant ships?

This could be a purely skill-based tactical shooter, or take the popular looter shooter route, adding gear and weapon drops as well as perks and skill trees. It would be fun to play a Rainbow Six-style game set in the Halo universe whereby different tools and strategies must be used to outmaneuver opponents. It could take place before the Covenant invasion, when the UNSC was still fighting human insurrectionists. There’s room for fresh storytelling and fun gameplay.

The Facts

We know a Halo project other than Infinite is in the works. Anything else is speculation, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from imagining what the future of Halo might hold. It could be anything: an FPS, RPG, or RTS, a first or third person looter shooter. It could employ arcadey fun or Sci-Fi tactical realism. It could end up being a card battle game for all the information given. What’s certain is news will come further down the road. Much further.

There’s no chance 343 will release information about this new title before Infinite launches; even then, it’ll be a while before fans see anything substantial. Until then, Halo Infinite will take the spotlight. The sixth Halo game could open doors to previously unexplored parts of the Halo universe in addition to new titles. Halo Infinite releases for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC this Holiday, with a gameplay reveal in July. Only time will tell what comes after.

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