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Halo Infinite leaks
Halo Infinite leaks

Halo Infinite Leaks and Release Date – Rumor

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With only about 9 days to go before E3, you can expect rumors to start flying left and right. Today there might be more information as to what gamer can expect Microsoft to show off during their conference. Today a huge information drop has come for Halo Infinite.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

The last time we saw Halo Infinite it was not in a good way. The long-anticipated gameplay reveals for the game back in July of 2020 did not go over well with the audience. The graphics were much maligned for feeling outdated, especially since the game was being touted for the soon-to-be-released Xbox Series X. Afterwards the game was delayed by 343 Industries so they could focus on fixing this issue.

According to leaker Coleeastwood during his podcast 343 is excited to show off their fixes. As this new rumor goes, Microsoft plans to open its conference with the newly refined Halo. First, they will show off some story gameplay, specifically to show off the improvement made to the graphics. This will then follow with a demonstration of the multiplayer which will make up the bulk of its presence at the show.

If gamers are expecting the graphics to blow them away, maybe temper expectations. According to the podcast, you can expect them to be vastly improved, but not something that hasn’t been seen before. If it is as improved as this claims they should have something to be proud of regardless.

While multiplayer is expected to have a lot of what fans expect, there might be a new mode coming. This new mode is stated to be “Battle Royale + Battlefield Conquest + Halo BTB all at the same time”. Whether this will be the mode shown off at the conference remains to be seen. A multiplayer demo is expected to launch to all gamers after the game is shown.

Lastly, we might have an idea about when to expect the game. The claims currently say that the game will launch on at some point in September. This would make sense as it will avoid the usual influx of first-person shooter games.

The Microsoft & Bethesda Games Showcase will occur June 13th @ 1PM EST.

Source – Reddit

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