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Xbox Games Showcase
Xbox Games Showcase

Halo Infinite Gameplay Revealed

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Microsoft recently shown off some of their games for the next-gen Xbox Series X with Halo Infinite being the first to showcase.

The gameplays starts with Master Chief travelling with a lost UNSC soldier who simply wants to go home. The start of the preview is reminiscent to the beginning of Halo: Combat Evolved where the the Halo ring is open to explore. This time, the game is made to be an open-world adventure similar to Destiny.

The Chief will be able to get into the fight instantly as he turns to fend off a few grunts near the crashed ship. The gameplay looks largely unchanged as Chief’s older arsenal works just as well as they did in the previous series. The pistol is able to perform the same precise headshots as  it did in Halo: Combat Evolved and the assault rifle looks mostly unchanged with a bit more kick to the shots. The VK78 Commando is a faster-shooting DMR that can deal a lot of damage to a brute’s head. The CQS48 Bulldog is a 10-round semi automatic shotgun which can clean up an area in a matter of seconds.

New Covenant weapons were displayed, such as the pulse Plasma Rifle, which shoots precise bursts similar to the Battle Rifle. The Pulse Carbine shoots automatic blasts of plamsa, which can easily destroy enemy shields. Brute weapons, such as the Ravager, are more destructive but lack accuracy, the mangler acts like a slug shotgun that can kill enemies in mid-range.

The new weapons aren’t the only things that Chief will be using to traverse the open-world Halo. Players will be able to use a new grapple hook that Chief can shoot out of his wrist to either move to higher places or even close in on the enemy to place a strategic shotgun blast to the face.

The end of the demo shows the new villain who will oppose both the humans and Covenant. It looks like Master Chief will have to work together with the lost soldier to stop this new menace.

The only detail the gameplay was missing was whether or not Cortana has anything to do with the current events. 343 Industries probably doesn’t want to reveal too many story details about Infinite, but hopefully Master Chief will make things right for one more game. Halo Infinite should be available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in Holiday 2020.

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