Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo 5 Won’t Come to The Master Chief Collection; At Least Not Yet

PC gamers received a great gift from 343 Industries last week and now they are looking for even more. Halo: The Master Chief Collection announced for PC during the latest Inside Xbox show, and also it the developer revealed that Halo: Reach will be added to the collection at launch to provide a more complete collection for the community, but there is still on more step remaining to make Halo: MCC the best collection ever, and dream will come true, if 343 Industries decides to add Halo 5 to the collection.

While community director at 343 was responding some questions on Reddit about release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC, one of the users ask if the developer will bring Halo 5 to the collection or not and got the following answer:

Our focus is bringing MCC and Reach to PC, there are no current plans to bring over Halo 5.

Although it sounds a little disappointing for PC gamers that they will not be able to play 8th-gen Halo on their beloved platform, still there is hope to see Halo 5 on Windows as the developer didn’t mention to the zero possibility of the action. Regarding the short time ahead until next-gen consoles, its not surprising to see Halo 5 coming to PC and the new Xbox at it’s launch, along with Halo Infinite, which is not confirmed for PC neither.

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