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Guerrilla Games
Guerrilla Games

Guerrilla Games is Recruiting New People for a Secret Project

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Guerrilla Games is Recruiting New People for a Secret Project

Recent Rumors are hinting Guerrilla Games, the studio behind the Famed Killzone Series and Horizon: Zero Dawn has recently been hiring ex-Rainbow Six: Siege developers to work on an unannounced title. In the job descriptions, Guerrilla Games is especially looking for developers who have experience with online multiplayer games, which means that their next project will have an emphasis on multiplayer-based gameplay.

According to a 2017 report by Parool,  it was suggested  that Guerrilla Games was working on a new game based on the Killzone Series, however, the rumors have not been confirmed by Sony.

Based on the recent leaks however, we may see an announcement early next year for a new multiplayer-based Killzone Game and at this point in time, it would be a safe assumption to believe that the next Killzone game is bound for PlayStation 5.

Simon Larouche – who previously spent three years at the Dutch developer working on Killzone 2 – served as the game director on Ubisoft’s smash tactical shooter, and has been working on an unannounced project for the Horizon: Zero Dawn maker since February of this year.

He’s been joined in Amsterdam by fellow Siege developer Chris Lee, who’s been recruited as a Principal Game Designer at Guerrilla Games. There’s lots of speculation about what this could mean: will Aloy’s next adventure have online? Could a new team be working on reviving Killzone? Has the studio got something fresh in the pipeline?

Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida did talk recently about Sony wanting to do a better job with its multiplayer titles, so perhaps Guerrilla Games has been tasked with creating an online experience – potentially for the PlayStation 5? We won’t know until everything’s out in the open, but it’s an interesting development to say the least.

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