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Grounded Update Introduces Underwater Exploring In Koi Pond Update
Grounded Update Introduces Underwater Exploring In Koi Pond Update

Grounded Update Introduces Underwater Exploring In Koi Pond Update

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Obsidian Entertainment announces Koi Pond update for its early-access game, Grounded, with another great tongue-in-cheek trailer.

The trailer shows some of the new gear, weapons, and bases the character can create, as well as some of the new enemy types included with the new biome such as the water boatmen, tadpoles, diving bell spiders, and a giant koi fish. In the patch notes, the Koi fish is explained as such: “This boss of the pond might only have one good eye, but it only needs one eye to notice you, and you never, ever, want it to notice you.” Having another unstoppable threat to hide from will add even more tension to this surprisingly stressful sandbox game.

“This new area of the backyard brings new wildlife, new crafting recipes, and new mysteries, along with underwater gameplay mechanics that will allow players to go deeper than ever before”, says Obsidian.

This new, underwater biome adds a lot more than new enemy types, however. The trailer showed some of the new equipment that the player will need to survive in this new terrain. Fins, a bubble helmet, a lantern for illuminating the murky depths, and a few new weapons were all shown to highlight the stark change in scenery with this new area and how the player will have to adapt to safely explore. 

The update also comes with some bug fixes and quality of life adjustments. Equipment that is being worn no longer takes up inventory space, improvements to base building, and Obsidian announced they are working on improving and adding more flying creatures. It also announced adding new points of interest to the whole game, with more to explore in every biome. 

Early Access for Grounded is currently available for download on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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