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Grid Has Been Pushed Back to October; New Details Will Be Shared Soon

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It was just a few days ago that Codemasters launched F1 2019 as the first title of the studio that’s coming out this year. Aside from getting mostly positive reviews, the game sustained the British developer’s spot as one of the best racing creator studios. The next project for Codemasters is going to be Grid, which was supposed to launch in September, but there will be a small delay in release.

According to the team behind Grid, the game will be coming on October 11 instead of September. Which is almost a month later that the previous release window. The good news is new set of information and details will be shared soon with the community, which presumably refers to a gameplay trailer of the game and probably showcasing the new features of it.

Grid is more like a reboot to the series targeting both simulation and arcade racing fans, thanks to its flexibility in cars’ handling settings and adjustable options in different aspects of gameplay. Some interesting improvements will also be applied to the AI in order to bring a more challenging experience for the players. Grid is also promised to deliver a new damage system with realistic physics for cars and a nemesis system for opponents that makes them to take revenge from who have hit them through the race.

Grid will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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