Granblue Fantasy: Versus

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Releases on March 3

XSEED Games announced today that Granblue Fantasy: Versus will release on March 3 in North America for the PS4. Special digital versions will include the “Character Pass Set” and “Digital Deluxe” edition; a physical “Premium Edition” and standalone retail version are now available for preorder.

The publisher also announced that all Granblue Fantasy: Versus packages will include a download code granting items for the original Granblue Fantasy game on mobile and web browsers. The Color Pack bundle included in the premium physical and digital versions includes Color Pack Set 1 containing, four color patterns for the starting 11-character roster , while Color Pack Set 2 and Color Pack Set 3 will each contain five additional color patterns for the same characters.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus will also include an RPG mode, in this mode players take on waves of enemies in a single-player mode or by teaming up with a friend in local or online co-op. As players progress their fighters will get stronger through a characters-weapons upgrade system.

Players will face the mysterious “hooded figure” (also called “Chaos Bringer”) featured in Granblue Fantasy’s popular “What Makes the Sky Blue” series of events, Chaos Bringer was revealed at Granblue Fantasy Fes 2019 as the final boss for the game’s RPG mode.

One of the Astrals who invaded the Sky Realm thousands of years ago, long before the War broke out. Chaos Bringer was sealed away in Pandemonium until the fallen angel Belial released him from his forced slumber. Obsessed with becoming the supreme being, he wields a substance capable of slaying immortals—chaos matter. And at his beck and call is Avatar, the manifestation of destruction. Sky Realm, Astral Realm, Crimson Horizon—his hands will mold these realms into one so that he may stand above all in creation.

Once completed RPG Mode’s main story, Chaos Bringer will be unlocked as a playable character. Chaos Bringer can also be unlocked by purchasing the season 1 DLC. The DLC  will also include playable characters Narmaya, Soriz, Djeeta, and a fifth character to be revealed.

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