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Granblue Fantasy Versus Ladiva Added To Roster
Granblue Fantasy Versus Ladiva Added To Roster

Granblue Fantasy Versus Adds New Character, Ladiva, To The Roster

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With Granblue Fantasy making waves in the gaming industry with two new titles heading to consoles near simultaneously, many fans of the series are looking forward to some well-known faces in the Granblue universe. Bandai Namco has announced a new character to be added to the growing roster – the flashy wrestler, Ladiva.

Check out Ladiva’s character trailer for Granblue Fantasy Versus below:

The new trailer shows off some of the already announced characters for the game right before we get a look at the hulking pummeler, Ladiva. Fans looking forward to this series may also apply to take part in the closed beta for Versus which takes place at the end of this month.

The CyGames series is currently working on both the upcoming Versus fighting game developed by veteran fighting game studio, Arc System Works, while and internal studio is currently working on the JRPG title Granblue Fantasy Relink which has been previously worked on by Platinum Games before CyGames took over control.

We’re expected to see both titles release in 2019 both exclusive for the PS4.

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