Google to Hold Its First AMA on Reddit for Stadia

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There is more news to come about Stadia if you ask some smart question on Reddit from Google during the first AMA session related to the company’s upcoming streaming platform.

Up until now, we’ve received a fair amount of information on Google’s Stadia, but still there are a lot of questions that need proper answers from the technology giant. If you have some of those questions in mind, the upcoming AMA session for Stadia on Reddit will be a great opportunity to get your answers from reliable sources. It’s going to be held tomorrow at 10 AM PDT.

Stadia will be launching in November this year and while some third party developers have announced their upcoming or recently launched titles for the streaming platform, still I’m looking forward to Stadia’s exclusive games that will be developed through its first-party studios. So, my first question will be when are we going to hear first details on Stadia’s exclusive titles?

Since the time Google reveled more in-depth information on Stadia prior to E3, most of the gamers got worried about the amount of internet usage of the service, so it would be interesting to see how Google is going to justify this matter.

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