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Google Teases a Reveal Of Its Game Streaming Service

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Google Teases a Reveal Of Its Game Streaming Service

Back in 2018 some rumors appeared that Google was working on a new project, under the code name Yeti it will be a gaming streaming service similar of the likes of Xbox and PlayStation. This service is expected to work on Android devices.

According with the recent invitation of Google to its GDC 2019 it appears that the service is ready to be revealed with details on monthly subscription cost and platforms supported.

If the early Project Stream test is anything to go by, Google’s goal is simple: it wants to make a streaming service that offers top-tier games across a bevy of devices, including Chromecast dongles and (according to Kotaku) dedicated hardware.

An appearance at GDC would make sense in that light. Google would need to encourage developers to sign up for the service and (if necessary) optimize their titles, and it would have few better opportunities than a conference where it can network with studios and offer technical expertise.

The Games Developers Conference 2019 will take place on San Francisco, CA from March 18th through 22th, stay tuned to Gaming Instincts for all the latest information of GDC 2019.

Read the full article at – Engadget.

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