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God of War
God of War

God Of War Next-Gen Patch Is Now Available

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Santa Monica Studios released today the PS5 optimization patch for God of War, the game can now be played at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second.

The update is free for all players who own a digital or physical copy of the game on PS4, Santa Monica Studio also announced that users who downloaded the game via the PlayStation Plus Collection will have access to the PS5 optimization patch.

Official information of the ‘enhanced performance experience’ patch reveals that the game is actually upscaled from 2160p using checkerboard rendering.

The PlayStation 5 launch has been an exciting time for everyone here at Santa Monica Studio! We’ve been especially happy to see all the players who have taken advantage of backward compatibility to try out God of War (2018) on the new hardware; as well as those who have picked up the game for the first time through the PlayStation Plus Collection!

Since then, our team has been working on a video graphics mode option that will enable players to get the most out of the increased performance capabilities of the PlayStation 5.

The blog post also mentions that PS5 players can also select the original PS4 graphics by selecting “Original Performance Experience,” which will run the game in 4K Checkerboard Resolution* synced to 30 FPS.

God of War is not the only PlayStation Studios’ game to receive a next-gen optimization patch. Sucker Punch’s latest game, Ghost of Tsushima, also received a PS5-optimized patched last year, allowing the game to run at 60fps on PS5.

PlayStation Studio’s Santa Monica Studios is producing a God of War sequel called God of War: Ragnarok, from what we know so far, the sequel is planned exclusively for PS5. However, Horizon Forbidden West, another sequel to critically acclaimed PlayStation Studio’s game will be cross-gen.

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