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Ghostwire: Tokyo
Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo Is Set in the Near Future

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Bethesda’s press conference at E3 2019 hosted two brand new world-premieres this year from two well-known studios in developing story-driven titles. While Arkane Lyon’s Deathloop has received no new details since its unveil at this year’s E3, Mikami’s Ghostwire: Tokyo gets some new information by the creative director at Tango Studios, hinting on the game’s time-frame.

Based on the latest tweet from Ikumi Nakamura, which reveals a new scene of the game’s rainy Tokyo through a gif, Ghostwire: Tokyo is set in the near future, as we can guess according to its one and only trailer shared up until now. Nakamura has mentioned 3 elements as if their combination is the core of Ghostwire: Tokyo. Those being Raptured Apocalypse, Near Future Tokyo and Supernatural. In order to make it more mysterious, Nakamura has asked whether this is “Normal or Paranormal?” probably referring to the sudden disappearance of people in a typical rainy day at Tokyo.

Ghostwire Tokyo is a brand new IP from the developers of The Evil Within series and Shinji Mikami is taking the helm for directing the upcoming horror adventure of Tango Studios. This time around, Japanese elements of the game are stronger than previous titles of the studio, and it might provide more creative ideas for the team behind Ghostwire to live-out their wildest ideas so far.

Mikami’s next title will be launched in an unspecified date as a multiplatform game.

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