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Main characters from Ghostbusters: The Video Game hunting a ghost
Main characters from Ghostbusters: The Video Game hunting a ghost

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Will Be Released in October

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Ghostbusters is one of the well-known movie franchises of the world with a great potential to fit into the video game medium. The very first time that we saw a Ghostbusters game was back in 1984, which was released by Activision for personal computers and NES. Since then, several studios attempted to develop a video game based on Ghostbusters, but one of the successful ones was Terminal Reality’s Ghostbusters: The Video Game which launched back in 2009 for last-gen platforms along with PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. Now, a remastered version of that titles is under development at the studio of Saber Interactive to be until the end of this year.

The newly shared footage of Ghostbuster: The Video Game Remastered is reveals a bit of gameplay where the player shoots at Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but in addition to this, we also have the exact release date for the game. First, check out the footage here:

Ghostbuster: The Video Game Remastered is a third-person shooter while allows you to switch into first-person view. The game supports up to 4-player co-op on some missions that aren’t related to the main story-line of the game. The original version of Ghostbusters got the Metascore of 79 at the time. Remastered version will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on October 4.

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