A Hat In time New DLC Announced

Gears for Breakfast Announces New DLC For A Hat In Time – Nyakuza Metro + Online Party

Indie developer Gears for Breakfast teased something new for their 3D platformer A Hat in Time late last week, and this week they delivered. Arriving next month, A Hat in Time will be receiving an all-new DLC loaded with tons of new goodies, action and online festivities.

Titled Nyakuza Metro + Online Party, check out the new DLC trailer below:

The new Nyakuza Metro add on invites players to embark on a train hopping, gang affiliated chapter as players will be tasked with plenty of new content to entertain themselves with. Up to 10 new Time Pieces to collect, plenty of new weapons and flairs, a new Purple Time Rift and much, much more.

Along with the new chapter also comes a massive 50 friendly player online party mode. The party mode allows friends to entertain each other with a variety of interactions, such as playing catch, playfully hitting and exploring time rifts with each other.

Check out the full DLC details from the game’s Steam page below:


  • 10 New Time Pieces!
  • Stickers! Stickers can be attached to your weapon, used with the Camera Badge, or as emotes!
  • A new weapon: The Baseball Bat!
  • A new Purple Time Rift: Rumbi Factory!
  • New flairs, including the Nyakuza Mask, Burger Cap, Artistic Vision, and more!
  • 2 new camera filters!
  • 3 new badges!
  • Over 20 new dyes, including Wireframe, Pizza Time and more!


  • Friends: Play in groups of up to 50 players by entering a group name!
  • Public: Play with 3 other strangers who can see you, but cannot affect you!
  • Use your new stickers to communicate as emotes!
  • Mess with each other! You can hit, explode, shake and play catch with each other, and more!
  • Clear Time Rifts together as your progress is combined!

(Note: Some game features are deliberately not synced in Online Party, to avoid griefing)

The new DLC will only available for PC owners of the game and is set to release on May 10, 2019, once again neglecting console owners (Xbox One, PS4) of additional content. So far, both DLC packs for A Hat in Time are exclusive to the PC version, however, the upcoming Switch release is set to receive the game’s first DLC – Seal the Deal – upon it’s official launch.

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