A Hat in Time DLC For Switch

Switch To Receive DLC For A Hat In Time Release

The Switch is set to receive the popular 3D platformer A Hat in Time from developers Gears for Breakfast sometime this year, but news has also broken that the Switch version will also be receiving the DLC Seal the Deal upon its launch. The DLC is currently only available for the PC, thus far only being confirmed for PC and Switch thus leaving the Xbox One and PS4 versions without the DLC.

The developers have expressed their intention of bringing the DLC over to as many players as possible, but “Due to certain circumstances we aren’t able to use the same methods we used to bring the base game to Xbox One and PlayStation, but we will continue to explore options.”

The DLC will introduce players to the game’s new difficulty mode “Death Wish”, new Time Rifts, a new story chapter “Arctic Cruise, as well as tons of other dyes, costumes, and more.

While there’s no official release date confirmed for the Switch version, the developers have stated in their latest tweet that “There’s some seals and deals that may have taken a bit more time to develop than we originally anticipated” and that it’s “coming soon”.

Currently, A Hat in Time is available for the PC, Xbox One and PS4, with the Seal the Deal DLC only available for the PC.

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