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Gears 5
Gears 5

Gears 5 Will Be at E3 2019, It’s Official

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As we get closer to E3 2019, Microsoft’s conference is also being detailed officially by the company itself and more shows at the event are going to get confirmed. First one? The Coalition and its anticipated Gears 5 confirmed to show up at both E3 Coliseum and Microsoft’s exclusive event at Los Angeles.

Through sharing a post at Twitter, The Coalition officially revealed to appear at the upcoming conference for the green team at E3 2019. New details and likely a gameplay trailer will be showcased from Gears 5 during the event. Besides, the game also owns a panel at E3 Coliseum in which Rod Ferguson, head of studio, will attend to show-off a deeper look into the upcoming third-person shooter title.

Gears 5 originally announced at last year’s E3 with a fully cinematic trailer that was showcasing the story with special focus on Kate as the main protagonist of the game. Previously, The Coalition has claimed that the new entry is going to welcome many change in gameplay and story, so it’s now time to see how this popular first-party franchise of Microsoft is going to change. Gears 5 is also confirmed to host its own eSports tournaments soon and we expect to hear more about it from the development team at Los Angeles.

Gears 5 will be heading to Xbox One and PC in 2019, and while no certain date has been announced for its launch, some rumors refers to this Summer as the game’s release window.

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