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Gears 5
Gears 5

Gears 5 Might Get a Battle Royale Mode After Launch

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After a disaster like Crackdown 3, now Microsoft is attempting to start a new era with the launch of Gears 5 in September and say goodbye to all bad days behind. To be honest, Gears 5 really had the potential to become the green team’s second successful launch after Forza Horizon 4 in 2018. While we get quite a bit of information on the games multiplayer part and also we got the chance to jump into its technical test over the last two days, now the developer talks about new things in Gears 5’s multiplayer such as Battle Royale.

Gears 5 won’t be featuring Battle Royale mode at launch and we know it, but Ryan Cleven from The Coalition doesn’t deny the addition of this mode as a post-launch content of the game. Cleven said:

Gears 5 does not include a battle royale mode. We have five great experiences in Gears 5 with Horde, Escape, Campaign, and our extensive list of Multiplayer versus modes, with the added customization of the new Map Builder.

We’re big fans of the battle royale genre, but we would want to ensure we bring a battle royale mode to Gears in a meaningful way. We’re actively listening to our Gears community and will look to further evolve our game modes based on player feedback post-launch.

The Versus Tech Test for Gears 5 ends today, but it will start again from July 26. Gears 5 is going to feature the biggest campaign in the whole series, while its multiplayer section will also feature a bunch of new things to bring players what they really expect from the series.

Gears 5 is set to be released on September 10 for Xbox One and PC. The game will be available for free through Xbox Game Pass subscription on both platforms.

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