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Opening Night Live
Opening Night Live

Gamescom: Opening Night Live Announced for August 27

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Geoff Keighley has today announced that gamescom: Opening Night Live is happening on August 27, the three day event will be the grand finale of Summer Game Fest. In gamescom 2020, Keighley will host a number of publishers and developers, is expected that the biggest announcements to take place on the Summer Game Fest will take place during gamescom, probably more information about the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

“This year, all our energies for gamescom 2020 is going into digital. In a short amount of time and working in close tandem with some of the world’s most important gaming companies on the gamescom advisory board, we have been able to develop a powerful and focused concept for gamescom 2020. We are anticipating surprising shows, numerous world premieres, announcements and special promotions that will set the entire games world all abuzz about gamescom at the end of August.” Said Felix Falk Managing director of game – the association of the German games industry and sponsor of gamescom.

The organizers of gamescom: Opening Night Live with Geoff Keighley, also confirmed that 2020 will see other events will be produced in the gamescom format. The first-ever gamescom: Awesome Indies is confirmed to arrive later this year, as the name implies, developers will be sharing important news and announcements from indie titles. Other new event is gamescom: Daily Show, which will talk about and expand on the highlights from its own formats as well as the shows and promotions of the gaming companies and partners on a daily basis.

A gamescom studio has been revealed, in this place, “top developers” will be interviewed and will provide background information on the latest developments. The  gamescom: Best of Show will take place on August 30, this new format will close the event with a summary of this year’s gamescom highlights and presentation of the gamescom award.

Source: gamescom

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