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Gamescom 2018: First Ever Open-World Multiplayer VR Nostos Features SpatialOS Integration

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Gamescom 2018: First Ever Open-World Multiplayer VR Nostos Features SpatialOS Integration

NetEase Games revealed today new details about Nostos VR, the company’s first open-world multiplayer VR game, and the integration of SpatialOS technology. Coming in 2019, Nostos is set in a post-apocalyptic world featuring breathtaking natural environments inspired by classic Anime style in which players can explore the mysterious world around them as it nears the end of its days.

The game is being produced by ShuiGe, who brings 10 years of game development experience and previously led research and development of several successful massively multiplayer online games at NetEase.

Check this trailer down below:

“Players will explore the vast and desolate world of Nostos where the remnants of civilization remain and, though its cities are long abandoned, the relics they leave behind may be the key to thwarting extinction for the survivors, who face new dangers as the limited resources dwindle. While exploring the mysterious ruins of Nostos across deserts, grasslands, mountains and more, players must survive its increasingly inhospitable climates and fierce enemies. But time is limited, for scattered throughout these lands are the dangerous and ever-expanding “Coralsea”, encroaching and threatening the very lands on which the people depend on for survival. Teamwork is key as players gather resources, build a clan they can trust, and fight to pull the world of Nostos back from the brink of utter desolation.

Leveraging Improbable’s SpatialOS simulation technology, the world of Nostos will have players adventuring through a massive seamless open world as they face unexpected meteorological phenomena, build new wonders and encounter intense combat, all hot on the heels of the apocalypse.  By working with this cloud-based platform, NetEase will provide players with superior physical simulations and an unprecedented virtual world experience.”

Full Press Release – GamesPress.

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