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Main character from Gamedec
Main character from Gamedec

Gamedec Is a Crime Investigation RPG Game with Promising Features

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If the huge hype for Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t cause more developers to set their game worlds within a futuristic era, at least it does help the cyberpunk-themed games to be seen more than ever. Gamedec is a newly announced RPG title set in the virtual worlds of video games, where you have to find criminals and decide what to do with them.

Being developed by Anshar Studios, Gamedec puts you in the role of a veteran detective who is tasked to crimes that are being committed in virtual worlds such as video games. In the futuristic setting of Gamedec, child slavery can happen in a free-to-play game. Accurately planned conspiracies are being organized by big corporations to strengthen their reign in the world, but whoever they are, they can affect your decisions.

In Gamedec, your decisions will have meaningful impacts on your character’s progression and the whole world. Some of the outcomes will be appeared soon after you make your choice, but some others will attempt to surprise you in a situation that you would never expect.

Gamedec is an isometric RPG that allows you to solve cases in the way you prefer. You have to investigate crime scenes and talk to different characters in order to gather more clues and find the relationship between all suspicious people that are involved in the case.

Gamedec will be released for PC on Steam. Currently, there’s no exact release date for it.

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