RPG Game Pocket Knights 2 Closed Beta in May

Developed by PITAYA NETWORK Pocket Knightswill be available early May for iOS and Android devices worldwide.

Pocket Knights 2 combines the ACT highlights with role-playing game(RPG), leading mobile gamers on fantastic, action adventure against ancient dragon. As the barrier of Kingdom has been destroyed, player must undercover prehistoric artifacts- “starcore” to restore the kingdom and defeat dragon force. Vast number of upgrades and special items player can equip, directly use Quick Time Event (QTE) skills to experience ultimate fast-paced action. Awakening system enables players to unlock the inner power to become stronger and upgrade appearance and provide several kinds of nice look .

Check this trailer down below:

“Pocket Knights 2 features:

Build your strongest team: Choose from over 100 Heroes from different positions & Match unique Heroes to unleash fantastic combo-skills;
REINFORCEMENT, PERFECT YOUR STRATEGY: Master abilities to overcome the most powerful enemies & Arrange your best bench strategically for a crucial assist;
Immersive story: Players will become invested in an immersive storyline featuring 3D dialogue animation;
Intense player versus player (PvP): Dominate the Arena, participate in Guild wars, climb your own way to the top & Collect valuable resources and start Team instances with worldwide players;
Take on quests to earn more rewards: Enter and conquer harder battles to earn bigger treats & Find powerful loot and equipment in hidden spots”

 For more information about the game, visit Facebook.