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The Outer Worlds
The Outer Worlds

Game Pass Might Have Not Helped The Outer Worlds

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The Outer Worlds‘ publisher Take-Two was asked if the release of the RPG benefited or was harmed by Xbox Game Pass, CEO Strauss Zelnick replied It’s hard to say.

Zelnick explains to investors that it was Obsidian Entertainment and Take-Two Interactive’s plans was to “be where the consumer is”.

“Generally speaking, we think subscription offerings to the extent they exist are probably better suited to catalogue, but we’re willing to take experimental chances when it makes sense for a particular title and when the deal underlying that option also makes sense for us.

“And we’re pleased that we have a great partnership with Microsoft and we’re mostly pleased that the title is such a big hit.

“So, it’s early days for all these platforms.” … “It’s obviously early days for many technologies including streaming technology. Our goal is to be where the consumer is. We are ecumenical and we are open-minded.”

Yesterday, the Switch version of The Outer Worlds was delayed, the game was scheduled for release on March 6 due to the coronavirus.

Investors also asked the parent company of Rockstar Games if the departure of Dan Houser will have an impact in the development of future projects, or the stability of the company. CEO Strauss Zelnick answers that Sam Houser will lead the development team and the company will remain to be safe in his hands.

“In terms of team stability, Sam Houser is president of Rockstar Games. He founded Rockstar Games, he’s a great player coach and he leads a team of thousands of people every day who are trying to make the most extraordinary entertainment experiences known to man. Those are their goals and more often than not they achieve or even exceed those goals, which is just amazing.”

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