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Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Xbox Game Pass Arriving to Nintendo Switch Later This Year – Rumor

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According to Shpeshal Ed, Nintendo and Xbox could be announcing a collaboration in Fall 2021. It’s now rumored that Xbox Game Pass could be headed to Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

Xbox’s boss Phil Spencer has stated that he wants Xbox Game Pass on as many platforms as possible, it’s also debated that due to low sales of Xbox Series X|S consoles in Japan, the subscription service could deliver Xbox on the best selling console in the Japanese market.

In a revealing interview with GameReactor, Xbox Boss, Phil Spencer revealed that Xbox wants to deliver its games regardless of the platform, the company doesn’t see the console market as a priority as they want players to be part of the Xbox ecosystem, the Nintendo Switch is one of the platforms that could greatly benefit Xbox.

The fact that we sell our games on PC does undermine one of the value propositions in that it doesn’t force somebody to go buy our console. Our high-level goal inside of our team, of how we measure ourselves, is how many people are playing on Xbox. And when we say ‘playing on Xbox’ it doesn’t mean an Xbox console. It means somebody who is logging in and playing a part of our ecosystem, whether first-party or third-party. And it could be on an Android phone. It could be on a Switch. It could be on a PC. That’s how we think about it.

Xbox Game Pass is arriving in iOS devices via web browsers, Spencer also teased that Xbox could develop streaming sticks that would allow users a plug-and-play Xbox experience.

The potential Nintendo and Xbox collaboration could result in millions of new Xbox Game Subscribers and a surge in Switch sales.

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