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Galactic Frontline
Galactic Frontline

Galactic Frontline, soft launches in New Zealand, Australia and Canada Today

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Galactic Frontline, soft launches in New Zealand, Australia and Canada Today

Galactic Frontline, a real-time sci-fi strategy game developed and published by NetEase Games, announces a soft launch in New Zealand, Australia and Canada today (02/02/2018). Featuring realistic 3D graphics and cutting-edge visual effects, the game takes you to the heart of a galaxy on the brink of war. The action revolves around three races, each fighting for supremacy across the galaxy: the Terrans, the Zoltarians and the Ensari. Select a race and create a character before taking command and heading into battle against the best players from around the world.

Explore the Galaxy, Fight for Domination 
Galactic Frontline features rich, exciting star systems and an extensive cast of characters. The story revolves around a remote part of the galaxy where the Terrans first encounter two other species: the Ensari and the Zoltarians.
The Terrans have left a dying solar system in search of a new home among the stars. Advanced AI and nuclear fusion have allowed them to explore the vast expanses of space.
The Zoltarians, an ancient, warlike race, were forced to leave their homeland after an invasion of vicious parasites numbering in the billions. They survived, adapted and later defeated the plague of beasts, going on to establish a large empire under a military dictator, the Grand Marshal. Honor and strength are the twin pillars that hold up their civilization.
The Ensari, a devout people, base their society on the teachings of shadowy beings, the Envara. With rapid development, the Ensari now possess the most advanced technology in the galaxy as well as a mysterious energy source: Sarvaa Crystals.

Engaging Strategy & Epic Gameplay 
Galactic Frontline is a military sci-fi RTS mobile adventure that takes you to the heart of the action. Players can modify and upgrade parts of their fleet as they see fit. To overwhelm the enemies and gain victory, players need to collect energy, produce combat units, and use their tactical skills strategically.

As battle begins, two ships will face off from opposite ends of the map. Players will command a ship, up to four escort vessels (with tactical skills) and up to 6 combat units. It costs energy to produce units and use skills and a ship’s energy will regenerate at varying rates depending on upgrades and environmental features.

There are 5 PvP maps in the game right now: Arena, Kuiper Belt, Zoltarian Outpost, Ion Storm, and Ensari Temple. Each has unique features and will require players to adapt their strategies.

Ranking, Tournament and Story Modes 
Players can take part in real-time duels with players from all over the world over the course of a season. Playing in ranking mode lets players improve their rankings, earn rewards and claim honor. At the end of a season, not only will rankings and tiers be reset, but balance patches will also be implemented, and new units will be introduced.

Players, divided into teams, can compete in tournaments. The winners of the tournament will be promoted to a higher tier, while the losers will be relegated to a lower tier. Each week, the top 32 players from all over the world will compete for the title of Champion. Meanwhile, other players can bet on competitors using virtual chips to support their friends, and for the chance to win in-game items.

Players can travel through the galaxy in story mode, learning more about each faction, their history and capabilities. Each species has a different but connected story and a tangled web of friendship, conspiracy and betrayal awaits to be discovered. Great rewards can be earned for completing story stages the first time, and these can be used to upgrade your ship, units and escort vessels. Story mode is a great way for players to learn the skills, and gain the resources, needed to compete in the game.

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