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Gal Gun: Double Peace English Trailer

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Gal Gun: Double Peace English Trailer

Gal Gun Double Peace is a railgun shooter that does away with zombies or groups of mercenaries. Instead, trek your way through a bright and colourful academy, fending off your fellow female students! Why? Because they all want a piece of you. You’ve been struck by a cupid angel and have become irresistible to everyone.

You need to fend off love letters and kisses, battling your way through to find your true love by the end of the day, or face dire consequences. Shoot the advancing students and teachers with your “pheromone shot” to fend them off! Railgun-wise it’s perhaps most reminiscent of House of the Dead, though the style and tone couldn’t be more different.

Gal Gun: Double Peace is due out both physically and digitally for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on July 19 in North America and July 15 in Europe.

Check out the Trailer:

“During the game, you’ll have mobs of angry girls going towards you at all times, so you’ll need to shoot them with your arrow of love to make them stand back. There are over 70 different girls throughout the game.

You’ll also a “see-through” ability, but it has it’s special uses, not to look through clothes to see the different designs and colors of underwear. You can alos have it changed so they wear different kinds of underwear.

By using the special “Ecstasy Shot,” you’ll get to one-shot them and make them fall in love with you. There’s also the “Charge Shot” that lets you do so from an even further distance. The “Doki-Doki Mode” will require you to find their weaknesses up close.”

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