G2A Attempts to Develop a Key-Investigating System in Order to Avoid Illegal Sales

With the digital sales of the video games raising more and more through the recent years, despite delivering great revenues for the developers, it has brought its own troubles to the industry. Right now, all the things you need to do to play a game is to redeem a code on your platform and officially own the game. But the question is where are these codes coming from?

G2A, one of the well-known stores for buying game codes, is planning to find a way to prevent one of the frequent illegal actions in selling digital keys. The codes that are being sold through G2A, sometimes are review-only keys that have been handed to journalists and media by the developer itself, but when they are being sold at G2A, it means that the something is wrong with the person who have got the key from the publisher.

In order to address the problem and find out where the keys are coming from to G2A, the retailer is about to invest on a creative system that investigates the sources and if something illegal detected, it bans the key before it’s being sold to a costumer. However, G2A said it needs at least 100 developers to submit their interest to the aforementioned system until August 15. The company says:

We have already made some calculations, and the development of such a solution will be time-consuming and expensive. We will cover all the costs, of course, but we just need to know that you, the developers, are going to use it.

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